Classic LR Defender 110– Big 125 Track kit

Initially designed with thoughts for those who want more wheel arch clearance. As we got designing we wanted to create  bolder and wider wheel arches to give the classic Defender the presence it deserves. The increase in track width gives a total arch width of 125mm per side which allows for the accommodation of a low offset wheel and larger diameter tyre combination. The height of the OEM arch has also been raised to the maximum allowing for a clean squared off design with more wheel clearance. No longer utilising the OEM mounting points, new holes are required to be drilled into the body to use our flare. The securing hardware are hidden in the wheel well to give a more seamless finish to provide the least amount of interruption to the iconic OEM body as possible.


  • Please Note that because this item is a large & bulky part the shipping will be calculated by us manually
  • *Pricing does not include GST
  • Design & Made in Sydney Australia
  • Fibreglass construction
  • Supplied with mounting hardware
  • Holes are required to be marked and drilled into body for mounting
  • Product does require professional preparation & installation(trial fitting, preparation(sanding, body fill where req’d) of surfaces for high build/polyester primer, colour matching and refinishing
  • Wheel arch width 125mm per side, suits low offset wheels & larger diameter tyres(please ask us if you require specs)
  • Contact us for shipping quotes or any further questions
  • Made to order, turnaround time depends on volume at the time of ordering

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